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Custom Shirts are in! Thank you, to all that ordered shirts for the first batch! Thank you, to the sponsors below
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We are now starting Leagues at the Black and Gold Grille!

The very first league is a Singles League​ on Sunday at 2:00pm the format is No Handicap, 501 Double In/Double Out and Cricket. 19 Games per night, $10 sign up, $10 per night (plus drinks...lol) We have eight players signed up and ready to rumble!

Phoenix leagues are ​​"our leagues"

1.......Pick a night and time. (Sunday 6 pm, Monday 7 pm, Wednesday 7 pm, Thursday 7 pm)
2.......Get a Partner for Doubles
3.......Sign Up!
4....... As soon as we have eight teams league will be entered and started!

Just found out that there will be an on-line league forming soon and starting in June. Doubles on Monday will be A/B players and Wednesday will be B/C players. I will give more info as I receive it.

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I am Rob Soik from the above article; I am a competitive dart player and love to play against the best in the game. The Wyoming State Tournament put on by the AMOW had over 600 players from all around Wyoming and it was my pleasure to play the best from this great state. In level 1 (the top level in these events) Singles 501 was won by my friend, Stacey Ortega, against Gillette’s Paul Morrison and I won the Singles Cricket against Paul Morrison. In the dream team event, our team took second place, same as last year. Dustin Bitzenhofer is a young and upcoming player, and has been getting better and better with each tournament.

I have been playing for twenty+ years and am looking forward to improving my game to compete with the professionals that I have to play against in “Dartslive: The World” tournaments and the many ADO Sanctioned tournaments around the US.

Darts is definitely a competitive sport that starts and ends with a handshake.  It is a sport that anyone can play and enjoy at any age or ability. These tournaments are unique; the players of all abilities and competitiveness are brought together in one place and can mingle and cheer each other on.

Several leagues around the state offer a competitive and fun environment for both steel and soft-tip darts. We are an extended family and would love for you to join us. More information on leagues and other events listed on my website www.wyomingdarts.com.


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What a weekend! Time to drop some names!

Justin Case and I teamed up to play in the Dartslive "USA Open" and "The World" Tournaments.

Friday, I practiced shoot out with John Kirchoefer. That night Justin and I  played in The Open class 701 - split bull, masters out. Our first match was against Paul Lim and Scott Kirchner, WOW!  Funny thing happened as Scott Kirchner was getting ready to hit a 180 out against us in the final leg, we were told that there was a problem with the draw and that this match didn't count. (He did hit the 180 to end the game.) So, we waiting for a while, got our redraw and it was against two awesome players from Washington.

Saturday, I started off warming up with Danny Delfino. Then we played singles in "The World" event. I played Canadian women's champ Trish Greznik, I lost, 3 to 1. (From now on "throw like a girl" has a whole new meaning.) Justin played Ben "the Jett" Dersch.

Saturday night was cricket doubles, we made it into the second round and lost to French champions Cyril Blot and F. Guillermont. Had some great conversations with Canadian Champion Ken MacNeil, and the first pro that I played in the Las Vegas Open way back in the 90's, Dave Kelly. (By the way, Dave, you look like you haven't aged a day!)

Sunday morning was 701(SB/MO)/cricket Medley. Again, second round, we fought valiantly against Jeremiah Millar, and Eric "FINISH HIM" Blackledge.

Maybe next year we will make it past second round and players will be name dropping us!


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The ton80dart company did an amazing job!

The competition was incredible! I saw players throwing a 4.5 MPR and they were getting stomped on by 5.5's and up. Thank you Toby, Shannon, Stacy, Corey, Ivy, Leonard, Brock, Que, Kendall, and about 120 others that made this tourney a blast! We will definitely be coming back up to Montana for future tourneys!

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On March 8th, we held an ADO Winmau Masters National Qualifier in "neutral ground" for 9 players. We had players from ADO Regions 1-4, 1-5 and 2-5 in Rock Springs, WY. This was a bold move by playing in a place, "The Office," where no one plays steel tip darts. It was awesome! Thank you Dwayne and Cheri Parker for allowing us to invade your establishment!

The players were Davo Mahaffey, Gary Jones, Greg Brester, Justin Case, Kendall Burnham, Steve Minnis, John Moynihan, Andrew Johnson, and myself. Greg Brester took first place and will be going to Charlotte, NC for the National Event!